His Pride and Joy

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It’s snowing big time here in Toronto. I’m sitting in my office at home, trying hard to write after a challenging year and many bumps and turns and major life changes in both my body and my spirit.

And yet…

There is Adam. Always here, always wonderful.  I’ve worked hard to keep his routines, a sense of stability and look what he did for me, for us…look at the pride on a little boy’s face when he knows he has something to contribute to the world. Many of you in a survey I did, noted how Adam is such an inspiration and the most enjoyable posts for you were about him. I am careful about writing too much about him as he grows up now unless he gives me permission to do so, which he is quite capable of. So here, he has given me permission to share these photos — his pride, his joy, and hopefully we can pass a little on:

Adam's First Major Pointillist Painting
Adam's Pride Over His Own Work


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