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TAAP on Gill Deacon Show
December 20, 2006 – The Autism Acceptance Project on CBC’s the Gill Deacon show.

December 20, 2006 – Estee and Adam are featured on CTV News LifeTime segment.

Redefining Autism: The National Post
December 18, 2006 – The National Post features “Redefining Autism” as front page news.

CBC Quirks and Quarks: Rethinking Autism
December 18, 2006 – Written across the sky is the history of the universe, literally.

Living with the ‘joy’ of autism
October 7, 2006 – These are the Letters to the Editor in The National Post with regards to “Living with the ‘joy’ of autism”.


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I’m a PhD candidate at York University, Critical Disability Studies, with a multi-disciplinary background in the arts as a curator and writer. I am the Founder of The Autism Acceptance Project (, and an enamoured mother of my only son who lives with the autism label. I like to write about our journey, critical issues regarding autism in the area of human rights, law, and social justice, as well as reflexive practices in (auto)ethnographic writing about autism.