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Global TV Clip Jonathan Lerman and Autism
June 10, 2006 – This video clip requires Real Player to view.

Estée Re: Jonathan Lerman on Canada AM
June 9, 2006 – This video clip requires Real Player to view.

Portraits of a silent artist give insight into autism
December 9, 2005 – Jonathan Lerman can barely speak or read. But at 15, hist drawings took New York’s art world by storm. Now he has his first show in Toronto.

Beyond Words: The Drawings of Jonathan Lerman
December 1, 2005 – Jonathan Lerman is a savant artist with autism. He is unable to converse so we cannot ask what inspires him or what triggered him to suddenly begin drawing at the age of ten. Today, at seventeen, Jonathan is prolific and shows no signs of slowing down. He has been featured in the New York Times, 60 Minutes, with Dan Rather, on The Today Show and more. He is in high demand because, as an artist with autism, he draws faces with uncanny insight and is coming to the forefront of the Outsider Art genre.

Toronto Life – Jonathan Lerman
January 15, 2005


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