Wretches & Jabberers Screenings Are On in Toronto!

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I went to the first screening at the Geneva Centre for Autism Conference last night. “They should have screened thsi during the day,” commented two women from the school board. Indeed, after the Temple Grandin book signing, most people headed home. In the meantime, we were thinking how great it would be if Larry Bissonnette and Tracy Thresher could give a keynote at the Geneva Conference next year and how this would really expand an understanding of being autistic and intelligent – I use their words here to describe it in a way they do in the film

Yet do not fret if you missed last night because the best is yet to come! Larry and Tracy will be here for the weekend at the screening today at York University, Price Theatre at 4:30 and tomorrow morning at Toronto’s Bloor Hot Docs cinema at 9:30 a.m. And the other great thing is that it’s open to everyone for free – including whooping, moving, typing and effusive bodies! Adam will also come and if he can manage to stay, I’ll ask him if he wants to comment or ask a question. If you have autistic children, bring them along!!! I know that Adam’s confidence has soared when he meets his fellow adult typists, and he has been flying with his own typing in the last year. He wants to “meet the men who are the wretches,” he typed with a smile this morning. (It’s important to note that this is a title that the guys in the film came up with themselves).

Later on at school this morning, his teachers sent me what Adam typed: “I’m very thrilled to be a part of things…the movie is a very meaningful story because the characters believe that we mean labels have nothing to do with being autistic. I’m thinking it would be very meaningful to be a part… notice how happy i made this day. Please make me have a part…the reason Adam participates is because my thoughts are just as real as anyone looking to notice them.”

This is such a wonderful opportunity. Hope to see you and your autistic kin there!

Film Screening and Panel Discussion – Wretches and Jabberers in Toronto!

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Join us at York University on October 24th at 4:30 and October 25th at the Bloor Hot Docs Cinema for a screening of Wretches and Jabberers with a rare visit and panel discussion with the film’s subjects with autism, Larry Bissonnette and Tracy Thresher. This is a unique opportunity for families, professionals and caregivers to learn more about their perspective of autistic adults who grew up without a “voice.” For more information/press release click here. The events are free admission.

Important October Events!

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Disability Pride March, Queen’s Park, October 4th at 1 p.m.

There are two events that are important for the autism community to attend in October. The first is Disability Pride March at Queens Park…meet at 1 p.m: Sign Up by clicking this phrase.

Film Screening of Wretches and Jabberers and Panel Discussion with Larry Bissonnette, Tracy Thresher and Director, Geradine Wurzburg October 24th and 25th:


On October 24th, York University and The Autism Acceptance Project will host a screening of Wretches and Jabberers at the Price Theatre at 4:30 p.m. followed by a panel discussion. Please come to meet Larry Bissonnette and Tracy Thresher with Academy Award Nominated Director, Geradine Wurzburg!

On October 25th, The Autism Acceptance Project will be hosting the same screening and discussion at the Bloor Hot Docs Cinema in downtown Toronto from 9:30-12:30. Bloor Hot Docs will also screen the film throughout October, but make sure to come on the 25th to meet Larry and Tracy!

Upcoming Events

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I will be on the panel with the De Veber Institute for Bioethics and Social Research on autism this Thursday, July 10th at 5:30 p.m. at 280 Bloor Street West in Toronto. I hope autistic self-advocates will register early as well as those involved in Critical Disability Studies.

Also, stay tuned for more details on a screening of Wretches and Jabberers and a talk with the subjects of the film, Larry Bissonnette and Tracy Thresher; autistic self-advocates who type. This will be presented at York University on October 24th and also sponsored by The Autism Acceptance Project. Stay tuned for another event in downtown Toronto on October 25th!!


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