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“Entrance is funny because it reminds me of the love of people. It is easy to enter love through an open door.” – Adam Wolfond

As a part of my duoethnography project with Adam, we are on Facebook for now. For many reasons, this seems like the safe space he can communicate and Adam and I will be presenting at our first conference together this fall. We have also started our new school, which we are very excited to say more about later.

There are times when advocacy needs to take different forms, where the current form isn’t serving as well and where, I feel, certain binary arguments continue to perpetuate the cycle of exclusion we are experiencing today. I also feel there are so many autistic self-advocates that write important blogs, and these are important resources.

We will be back (soon) and are around in many creative ways that foster social justice and the kind of inclusion that doesn’t continue to force a mainstream will (or a curist approach to being remediated before being included, which we feel is unjust). Our project has much to do with how we communicate with each other, about how Adam feels about his disability, and how I explore the interactions and ethical dilemmas between parent-child interaction, relationship, support, interdependence and justice for folks with disabilities. I could not write an autoenthnography about being a mother to an autistic child because in my view, we have an overabundance of research about the parents and their stress that expenses the lives of autistic people as “burdens.” The top-down approach to research has been cited numerous times as problematic and I take this to heart in my own doctoral research.

Adam and I are exploring this together in multiple ways (not just language-based ones) that will hopefully contribute to the way we think about community, school, inclusion and participatory research about autism. We will return to writing at this blog site and for now, we “exist” as mutual explorers on Facebook where Adam “speaks,” and where we draw and comment too. So this is just a short note to say we are alive and well and… we’ll be back.

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