Happy New Year

Filed Under (Joy) by Estee on 07-01-2013

I wrote earlier that I just returned from Oaxaca, Mexico. Adam wasn’t with me this year. His dad and I take him on holiday every-other year… the “schedule” as I’ve come to think of it.

I got a new ukelele for Festivus from my musical beau (we literally play music together). When I picked up Adam from school today, we were reunited since he went with his father in late December. I was so excited to see him, my stomach in knots. I couldn’t contain myself, smothering his soft face with kisses that he tolerated for a while. As we drove home, a huge smile came over his face. We returned home, made dinner, played downstairs – back to the regular routine. I pulled out my new uke and played a new tune I’m learning and Adam danced for me. I can’t wait for bedtime – a book, a snuggle, a “hunker down beneath the covers,” and more smothering kisses goodnight. They don’t call it (s)Mother for nothing.

I hope this makes you smile. Happy New Year to you all!


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