Needless to Say?

Filed Under (Acceptance, Autism and Learning, Communication, Development) by Estee on 27-06-2012

There’s not much more to add to this. As Adam talks a bit more every year, he has become an independent typist and needs lots of help in order to tap into his potential here. It began with prompting and facilitating at a time when no one truly understood what that meant, and others, as a result of controversial court cases, didn’t want to “touch” it with a ten foot pole. I like to ask myself some days where would he be if I had not pushed this forward, even with the doubters. I started because I knew Adam was already reading so it just made sense. Thankfully, we have continued with it against all odds, and we learn more about Supported Communication all the time.

Anne, however, learned to type in a day before iPads and acceptance. You can read more of her story here.


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