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You can sign the Declarataion for the Support of Community Living Here:

This from the Canadian Centre for Community Living 2010 Report Card:

Improvement still needed…

• Among children with intellectual disabilities
receiving early learning and child care
services, 32% have been denied this service
at some point in the past.

• 30% of children with an intellectual disability
had to leave their community in the past
twelve months in order to attend school.

• Only 33% of children with intellectual
disabilities are in high inclusion school

• Children with an intellectual disability are four
times more likely than other children with
disabilities to be attending special education
schools (16% vs. 4%).

• 41% felt threatened at school or on the school
bus within the past year and more than a third
(36%) were assaulted at school or on the
school bus.

• 52% of young adults with an intellectual
disability (aged 20 – 29 years) are neither
working nor attending school, compared with
12% of those without a disability.

• Young adults with intellectual disabilities are
five times more likely than those without
disabilities to have no formal education


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