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Today happens to be National Poem In Your Pocket Day. On my Twitter account, I’ve posted a couple — one I wrote and one which is just a quote I really like.

I just moved some things around my house today. It’s spring and the change of season beckons me outside to set up furniture and plant seeds. On the inside, I’ve got to shuffle things up. I’ve got to switch things around so I feel at home again, but also renewed in my space. I moved a bowel to my dining table. It’s been sitting on a glass shelf from the time I moved into my new house last year. It looks okay there, a light pink blush glowing on the inside. Then, as I moved some books to another corner of the room, I opened to this page quite coincidentally:

This story is about a bowl.
A bowl — waiting to be filled.
If what I have just written makes no sense to you,
I am not surprised.
If I had known in the beginning what I was looking for,
I would not have written this story.
I had to trust there was a reason I had to write,
and I didn’t have to have it all figured out in order to begin.
I would find what I was looking for
along the way.
— Sue Bender, Everyday Sacred: A Woman’s Journey Home

It’s a nice way to sum up why I think I write here, on scraps of paper, in my daily journals. I do have faith in reasons; in my blushing bowl on the dining room table.


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