Bosch Junior

Filed Under (Adam, Art, Autism and Learning) by Estee on 26-02-2011

Adam brought home a large scale drawing he made with his teacher — about 3×3 feet. He loves animals and started drawing them. Then he starting adding features. He shared the coloured pens, asking his teacher to draw things, using all his own languge, and adding different characteristics.

In this massive drawing, for instance, is an icecream butterfly, a snake dragon with zebra stripes (again, I’m using the language he uses as he is talking more all the time now), a dragon horse, a zebra pig, a strawberry cat, a cookie elephant and lots lots more.

I am loving this — marveling at the picture and how Adam made his imaginary world come to life and how, perhaps, he might be experimenting with ideas. Now, I’m thinking of Adam as my little Hieronimus Bosch…junior.

Ah, that wonderful autie mind!


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