My Endearing Little Cat

Filed Under (Adam, autism) by Estee on 20-08-2010

Sometimes a simple photo inspires me. This one was taken over a year ago. The gal Adam is holding hands with is the daughter of my most beloved girlfriend in the world. Life got a little hectic for everyone and Adam didn’t get to see T (the girl) too often this past year.

T was here with her mom about a week ago and in Adam’s way, he swam at his own pace, doing his own thing. The water calls him to dive under, I imagine because the feeling around him makes him feel secure. For Adam, tight spaces and squishes are an essential part of living well. T was diving into the pool with such enthusiasm, asking her mom to “look” as she demonstrated the various poses while jumping and then plunging into the water.

In the picture above, we had spent a weekend together in the same hotel room. Adam got cozy with T, although in Adam’s way it always takes some time. Last week, Adam watched T closely, sometimes doing his thing, gazing out of the sides of his eyes, sometimes watching her straight on. Unlike other children, however, Adam cannot yet consistently initiate play or “get in there” at the same pace. I know that if T were around a whole lot more, he would be following her around, or at least he might go along with what she wanted to do.

It’s just that way with my little autie. He is like the proverbial cat circling and scoping. Eventually he’ll just snuggle in your lap.


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