More Than Their Genes

Filed Under (Activism, Advocacy) by Estee on 12-06-2010

Here is the Letter To The Editor I wrote that made the Globe and Mail today regarding Carolyn Abraham’s article on autism and genetic testing (see also previous post). The letter was of course edited a few times and one can never know what will be omitted.

I do not want to suggest that people with more “profound” handicaps are not equally valued as other people. When I read the version this morning, I wanted to ensure at least here I could make that clarification. Also, I had suggested that there is no scientific evidence to prove that early behavioural interventions (as early as infancy!) remedies autism –that part was cut. That very idea that we should diagnose and detect earlier in order to “fix the problem,” was a very important point that did not make printing.

I had noted that with our views overall towards autism as a series of “fouled up genes” and “hiccups” in the human DNA, we are already basing the science on a premise of prejudice. At least, we all know that this is the very real possibility in terms of how that science will be used.


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