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Filed Under (Adam, To Get To The Other Side) by Estee on 15-02-2010

I just want to report that little Adam came to his new home. He was quiet. Grandma, grandpa and mommy all gathered around him and ate dinner and he just looked and looked. He hadn’t been to the house in the evening before. The lights cast a gentle glow. Evening is a time when everything feels strange. The day is ending and dusk is uncertain.

“Raindrop,” he said of my lamp that hangs like that in the corner of our living room. “Bubble lamp -” we named our chandelier over the table. His eyes were focused on the light.

We all snuggled around him after dinner on the couch and watched a quiet video of photos of Adam’s family and this past year that grandpa had made with classical music. Adam enjoyed it and was also content to read the books and look at the toys I had placed in the room. We went gently upstairs and he climbed into the “snuggle chair” I bought so that the two of us can read together. With very little struggle, he then fell asleep.

He knows everything has changed. Yet I’ve done my absolute best to make all the time leading up to this transition as smooth and as positive as possible. As you readers know, I was quite worried about all this, and even though I’m somewhat relieved, we still have some days ahead of us that I cannot predict.

But now the first night is done. And it seems we’re off to a good start.

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