Ever Tried, Ever Failed: No Matter, Try Again

Filed Under (Art, To Get To The Other Side) by Estee on 21-01-2010

I’m excited about this:


This is a painting made for me by Carla Lipkin (click on her website for more information about her artwork). I believe if you click on the image, you will see it more clearly. Carla has worked on it for about six months in preparation for my move next month. It now sits proudly in my dining room. It is a compilation — about thirty layers — of quotes and words I have sent her that have significant meaning for me as I “get to the other side” of my life after divorce. Over the past year, I have been reading and writing and meditating rather than putting myself out there too soon. I believed that mourning a relationship that was the most significant of my lifetime (so far) warranted no less of a process.

I decided, with Carla, to make something beautiful out of this period, and I am excited that it manifested in this result. I want to thank Carla and Hilary (her mom and my dear friend) for supporting me and for making an exceptional commissioned work that will remind me that there are no failures in life — only experiences. That said, thanks also to Adam’s dad not only for thirteen years and for Adam, but also with whom I hope to share a future of positive co-parenting of our wonderful boy.

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