Thank you, 2009

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My little ditty (video) came out very little. I wrote a post with this but it also deletes the video (I know, it was me) and I am letting go of struggling to make it bigger. So grab a magnifying glass… the beginning is a white owl flying in the daylight. They are mainly photos I took in 2009. There are pictures of friends and family, a couple of old highschool photos sent by old friends, and the places I visited this year… Beethoven’s front door…skulls on an alter from the Napoleonic era.

I’ll write the post again this week. In the meantime, I need to thank everything that happened in 2009. They say that we should not discount that in times of struggle or crisis, we just might be having the time of our lives. Click on “Thankyou” below to view:

Thank you


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