One tough little egg at the EEG

Filed Under (Adam) by Estee on 15-12-2009

Well, we attempted the EEG with zero success. Adam is an antsy kind of guy and even chlorohydrate does not put him to sleep as hospital staff had hoped. From past dental surgeries, I knew it would not, but I was hoping it would make him drowsy enough to stay still. It has, as I have seen in previous dental surgeries, lessened Adam’s fight, but as I’ve learned from doing an EEG, one cannot move… AT ALL. Every movement records and Adam, even with sedation, is up and down on the gurney like a yo-yo, sort of drunk but not inebriated enough by medication to have a happy drunkard’s sleep. It’s sort of like watching a person who wants to rest, but his body won’t allow it. And I’m wondering if he needs to move more, now that we live in a city where children don’t really go out to play much, but are over-scheduled instead with instruction and programs. It makes me want to say, fly little bird fly, and in about an hour, that’s just what I’m going to let him do at the park. He needs exercise, some sun, yes, that might do some good too. I’ve done about everything I can do now. Now we have to wait to see the neurologist and for other subsequent appointments I’ve lined up to, hopefully, cross all more serious suspicions off the list.

We did had a good day yesterday and so far so good today (Adam did not get upset by going back to the hospital and was back to his funny, affable self). And I’m hoping that after we do what we must to rule out or find some facts, Adam might just have his issues resolved when he heads down to Florida to his favorite spot — the beach.

In the meantime, this mom is still clutching to her anxiety, which is sort of the aftershock of being in hospital and orchestrating many people to have made this EEG happen today. It should be understandable why I’m disappointed and still concerned. I certainly do relate to many of you out there these past few days when times have been tougher for you too. When all is said and done, I will have amassed a checklist that I must hopefully remember to share.


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