Interviews from educational leaders who share ideas on how to make inclusion work

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We all know the many obstacles to a truly inclusive classroom. First, many educators don’t really understand how to make it all work. There is no understanding of “universal design.” (please cut and paste this link into your browser for a read on Universal Design:

While many schools and communities may be unable to argue with the idea of inclusion, and some have begun to include people with disabilities into the classroom, most have not been able to foster an accepting an accommodating environment that would make the classroom truly inclusive.

Well, if we learn to do by doing, we can also learn from others who do. At, we hear from parents and principals who are making the concept of inclusion a daily practice. This website “features interviews with educational leaders who share their ideas about what it takes to make inclusion work. These interviews are interesting for themselves – but when you look at them all they provide a valuable source of ideas from many school leaders.”


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