Poop Talk: Jenny McCarthy and Oprah Winfrey

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The National Post ran another article on Oprah’s hanging-by-a-thread reputation in brining on board Jenny McCarthy, poop-talker and vaccination activist. McCarthy, former playboy bunny, suggests that the MMR vaccine caused her son’s autism.

“Ms McCarthy announed what her publicist calls “a development relationship” with Oprah’s company, Harpo, earlier this month. Her first gig in the deal is a Give It up Before Summer blog on Oprah.com where Ms. McCarthy blogs about her daily battle to give up refined sugar…she has blogged about hot to refuse a cinnnamon bun on a first class flight and how her poop contains too much yeast…”

Yep…that’s what I want to read about…Jenny McCarthy’s poop. I certainly am tired of listening to her claim that vaccines cause autism, with no scientific evidence linking them at all after much rigorous research. I believe the danger as Emily Senger, the reporter at The National Post cited via Dr. Kumanan Wilson, is quite correct: Oprah is seriously risking her credibility and reputation. Does Oprah care to investigate the abuse and deaths caused by not vaccinating children or because of the unacceptance of autistic people as they are either by misunderstanding, ignorance or caregivers stating they will “try anything and everything to cure [their] autistic children?” For a well-rounded view of the issues facing autistic people and their families, there are many non-celebrity stories that would be far more interesting.

Remember Phil Donohue, the talkshow host from which Oprah’s show was fashioned? Remember when Phil and Oprah used to interview real people with real issues to discuss in a public forum — many of them who did not have book credits or celebrity status attached to their names, but who were simply interesting in their own rite?

Are the days of town-halls and really interesting talk shows gone? I really enjoyed watching Oprah when she did these kinds of shows that seem to have gone way way way by the wayside.


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