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Filed Under (Adam, Family, Single Parenthood) by Estee on 11-05-2009

I love this picture. It was taken yesterday atop of the CN Tower during a Mother’s Day lunch. Adam loves to kiss mommy and make her laugh (who says little auties don’t have a sense of humour!). As a woman going through the roughest times of her life in divorce (I will suggest that when someone you love leaves, it is like a death), it feels like a relief to count on the one thing that keeps me grounded and content. From this mom’s perspective, Adam and I are each other’s rock. We’ve managed to keep it together, despite lots of changes and a coming move to a new home. If divorce and moving be the top life stressors, then I will tell you, I think I’ve made it through.

I am sad to soon leave the home I built for Adam and my family and all that it represented. Someone said to me that a home is just four walls. But he was so wrong. A home is where the heart is; where love resides. My heart, though healing from a break, is intact. With a growing wisdom, I will raise a little boy knowing that where-ever Adam is, my home will be.


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