My View of Boston

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I went to Boston. My step-son studies film in Boston. I love Boston. Here, I do not talk about autism. Autism is, perhaps, indirect — I am a mom of an autistic person looking at things a little differently. Maybe the way Adam looks at things has inspired me to look a little more closely. Here are my impressions of Boston:

Under A Boston Sky:

Boston Reflections:

Boston Form and Repetition:

Public Solitude:


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I’m a PhD candidate at York University, Critical Disability Studies, with a multi-disciplinary background in the arts as a curator and writer. I am the Founder of The Autism Acceptance Project (, and an enamoured mother of my only son who lives with the autism label. I like to write about our journey, critical issues regarding autism in the area of human rights, law, and social justice, as well as reflexive practices in (auto)ethnographic writing about autism.