The “Adam Family”

Filed Under (Family) by Estee on 25-02-2009

As usual, I like to write most of my blog posts on the fly. Some are essays, some are just thoughts.

I’m going into the fifth month of my separation from Adam’s father. Separating after twelve years is not an easy task. It’s a real process of reflection and self-discovery and when children are involved, rebuilding a new type of relationship. By looking at pictures and old photos, we are reminded that what we build, even after divorce, is so important. Everything and everyone has something to teach us. Everyone we encounter is our teacher. My stepchildren are so important to me. Adam is so important to me. What I am learning is incredibly important as I learn to move on and continue growing.

So, for Adam and his wonderful family, I make this video as a tribute. I want Adam and the other kids to remember that what we built (and continue to build) is never really ever left behind. It lives within us. For even in divorce (despite the difficult process itself) what can remain, still, is so much love.


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