We Belong

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Adam and I are spending a windy Sunday at home at later at a play. Mornings are nice, just the two of us playing, reading and taking it easy this holiday season. He reminds me of myself as a child — happy and content to pretend play with his puppets and other toys and happy to climb into bed with me and just snuggle and giggle.

It has been difficult for me to write this season. So let me borrow someone else’s words that are an inspiration to me, and maybe to you too as we traverse through an intolerant world. 


You are the Keeper of the Keys. 

You are the Guard at the Gate.

Waiting in line to get through that door.

Is LOVE. And also HATE.

In line to enter is GENTLE PEACE.


You must choose who may, and who

may not come through the door.

INTOLERANCE tries to sneak on through

On wings of FEAR and PRIDE.

It hides behind DREAMS of BELONGING,

And tries to sneak inside.

Oh! Be alert! You’re the Guard who decides

Who GOES and who may STAY.

You are the Keeper of The Keys To Your Mind.

Who will you let in today?

–author unknown

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